22 Jump Street (2014)

After the screening period, 21 Jump Street grossed more than $ 200 million in global sales, becoming one of the big hit in 2013 Understand the potential of this film line, Sony has decided to embark on now the second part production in March the same year.
On the side of the two directors, they believe buddy Schmidt – JENKO has left a lot of impressions on the movie buff, and it would be regrettable if their journey stop at “Number 21 Jump Street”. Not to mention, the relationship of the couple as well as Jonah Hill’s talent and Channing Tatum has not been fully exploited in part one. In part two, the relationship of the two will be folded pen to a “new level”. Also a familiar story, but with a new matter, maybe viewers will also get fun and new experiences? That’s the premise of the idea, motivate Phil and Christopher continued performance 22 Jump Street.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum – Couple “context” of the film

In this article, two “young buffalo” the police will have to change JENKO Schmidt and area of operation, since Jump Street Church of the 21 Koreans were acquired, so they have to move to Number 22 Jump Street, which is a … Vietnam abandoned church.

Under orders from his boss to play Dickson (Ice Cube plays), Schmidt and disguises JENKO must continue, this time they will “graduate” and become students, to dismantle trafficking networks, large-scale white goods … hiding in a college – MC State. Stories related to each other but not heard, it is also quite attractive!

Need to identify one thing, 22 Jump Street and the front of it is a film about school age borrows the “cop”, not films about “cop” borrowed school image. Regrets having to leave school, they infiltrated in part, will now be rewarded, by the aberration partying, pretty boys beautiful girls swaying to the music and … a car shaped hat protective giant rugby ….


In particular, Schmidt and milled in the right season JENKO Spring Break – Spring Break for students in the US. No longer encapsulated in the school campus as before, this time the two men he must prepare more immersive, “madness” more to suit the type of mentality typical lazy students. Beach, sexy girls dressed in “two-piece”, the beer foam and a variety of “grass”, … happy in school but who want to graduate this right?

Jonah Hill, “laughed the central tree” of the film is sure to make you satisfied. Just go to college, he had found a girl of your dreams, always leaving that he was puzzled friend Channing Tatum. There will be a segment that you can see in the map Schmidt character “young rebels”: dressed in black, heavy makeup and charming hair over his eyes. But Channing Tatum fans do not worry, because this guy then also kind enough to paint the people at the “aberration” welcome new students, the audience could not help laughing at the expression “do not support floating” from guy at first glance as if “serious youth” is.

In particular, there is an octopus in a car, where you do not misread, please emphasize that an octopus HAVE THE CAR! The reason why it is in it, say it or lose, just go to the movies, watch 22 Jump Street full movies then you will know.

22 Jump Street was released from the date 20.06.2014

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